Other Texas NNN properties

Are you considering selling a part of your commercial real estate portfolio in Texas?

We would love to start a conversation if you are selling single-tenant net-leased (STNL), triple net (NNN) retail commercial properties.

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For example, do you have a fast-food chain with ten years remaining on its absolute triple-net (NNN) lease in Corpus Christi?

Or a fast-casual sit-down restaurant in College Station that you’ve decided no longer fits in your own portfolio?

VSHAD is a Houston-based family-owned commercial real estate firm that loves Texas and its thriving economy. We know local markets like Houston, Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio since we’ve lived here for 50 years and have family roots all over the state.

We can make you a quick offer with easy diligence and fast closing due to our strong balance sheet and existing banking relationships.

We are happy to work with you directly if you are considering for-sale-by-owner (FSBO) or if you have a broker by your side. Please reach out!

We are usually looking for:

Type Fast-food and fast-casual restaurants on >0.5 acres
Tenant National or strong regional chains
Strong franchisee okay
Lease Type Absolute NNN
10+ years remaining
Location Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Other Texas
On or near major throughways

You can also learn more about our NNN property investment philosophy and current single-tenant net-leased (STNL) ownership.